Waimailagi literally means droplets from heaven but for me it translates to mean ‘manna from heaven’, the blessings from our Heavenly Father in my life. It can be a slight drizzle or a heavy downpour, but whichever one it is, it brings a new life and nourishes the land.

My designs and prints are meant to bring a breath of fresh air in the men’s   fashion industry through simplicity and practicality. There are many ways to recreate Pacific men’s fashion without comprising its manly characteristic and this can be done through the use of  fabric and colour scheme to reflect a new genre of design appealing  to the young and old alike.
Waimailagi…. showcasing my God given talent and am forever grateful for the many blessings of my Heavenly Father.

Jofus Turaga.jpg

DESIGNER Jofus Turaga