Resort Wear is the Focus at FJFW18

THERE is sometimes nothing more perplexing than when fashion throws us a curveball and starts naming things that we wear on a regular basis with new and often crazy names.

Think for example, jeggings — jeans and leggings — when really they are just tights made to look like jeans. Or what about "The Meghan" — a simple white wraparound coat made by LINE that became famous because it was worn by a soon-to-be-royal? And let's not forget "the puffer", the name synonymous with those down filled winter jackets that look "puffed". There is no rhyme or reason as to why trends take on new names — except perhaps, to reinvent a genre or an idea that should never really go away.

Resort is somewhat like that as well. Is it a season, is it a look, is it clothing you only wear when you're on holiday at some exotic resort in Fiji for instance?

Resort as a fashion trend started long ago when wealthy fashionistas in the Northern Hemisphere embarked on their annual escape from harsh winters to a more idyllic climate during the post Christmas and New Year period — a spot of Caribbean hopping, a dash to Florida, a quick trip to the Maldives, or a sojourn to the Spanish riviera.

Travel to these destinations was characterised by a period of time onboard a cruise ship, which begged the question "what do I wear?" — quite a legitimate question when you are wrapped in a "Meghan", topped by a "puffer" and wearing three pairs of "jeggings" to escape the cold. And so began the modern era of RESORT - "cruise", Summer ready-to-wear, weekend dressing, beach wedding. Transeasonal dressing at its best.

Overseas travel has become much more prevalent for many of us and idyllic resort locations still maintain their appeal as an escape from the daily grind of works, school, home, kids, pets — in whichever combination works for you.

Designers pick up on this, they have the same daily challenges and need the same respites as us all. Not that they are thinking in the back of their mind what they would like to pack for themselves when they vacay — but more what would I like my customers to be wearing when they are on their holidays. Designers are definitely thinking about destinations as they conceptualise their next collection. What would you wear to go to Isla Mujerres? Noosa? Bahamas? Wakaya?

And even if we are not packing for a quick trip to the Maldives, but more a weekend in Deuba, we are still thinking about what we will wear that will give that floaty, free feeling of being on holidays.

Fiji's climate is ripe for resort — it is what we wear and what we love. Loose kaftans, floaty dresses, palazzo pants, halter neck tops, bright floral print shirts and even the sulu allows that feeling of air around your ankles and the revelation in keeping cool in the summer heat.

Of course any summer holiday or weekend away features a decent swimsuit — it's a given. But Resort is more than that. Think long evening dresses, dinner jackets, nautical stripes, sandals, tropical colours and muted minty pastels, anything made from natural fibres — silk, cotton, linen. Think Lilly Pullitzer, Camilla, Gucci Cruise, Albus Lumen.

And what about our local designers? Fiji does resort well. Think Tiki Togs, Robert Kennedy, Samson Lee, Zilda Collection, ZUBER's new foray into Resort, RAKO, Mausio, Hefrani, Stylosophy, Baby Boo by Sonam Sapra and Naina who are all some of the standouts.

And in the region? Some of the stars are TAV, Hani Haring, DMF, Proton Creation, PNGianKALA, and MENA.

What will be in your collection croisiare this vacation? Come along to the Fiji Fashion Week Resort Collections Show 2018 to get inspired.

Both shows are Resort Collections only — Friday night is Resort Cruise (essentials for any wardrobe) and will feature:

  • Guilty by Samal Singh
  • Mausio by Michael Mausio
  • Nic's 6 Pack — JLEW by Jackie Whippy, Turaga by Jofus Turaga, Aleir by Kess Baleirara, Ro'Zak by Rosie Isaacs, Timbal by Alice Timbal
  • Proton Creation (Solomon Islands)
  • RASA by Rafa Lee
  • Robert Kennedy Design Fiji
  • Seewaa by Seewaa Seth and
  • Guest international designer Chen Bin (China) and a retrospective from the FJFW Ambassador Australia, Nicholas Huxley.

Saturday night is Resort Luxe (luxury fabrics and exquisite details) featuring collections by:

  • 8 Mountains by Moira Solvalu John and David Solvalu
  • ACW by Anton Conway Wye
  • Elaradi by Laisiasa Davetawalu
  • Haus of Koila by Adi Koila Ganilau Lee
  • Hupfeld Hoerder
  • Jadeine Whiteside
  • Kakali by Robert Verebasaqa
  • RES Fiji by Rosie Emberson Semisi
  • Stylosophy by Ana Rabuka, and
  • International Designers Manpreet Singh (India), South Sea Sinners (Australia) and Tung Va (Vietnam).

FJFW2018 is on Friday May 25 and Saturday May 26 at the FMF Gymnasium. Tickets are on sale now by calling 7088898 or emailing

Photo Credits: Sonny's Photos