FJFW models have that certain something

A MODEL'S work is not simply to walk, but instead to embody the vision which an artist has put into a garment they have worked on for months.

Fiji Fashion Week 2018 model co-ordinator Epeli Tuibeqa said people who wanted to showcase designer wear on the runway needed to understand the role they played in executing a creative dream.

"From a performer's perspective, it really takes a lot of work.

"Some may think modelling is about putting one foot in front of the other for 20-30 metres or so. But it takes a lot of energy, character and presence and you face a lot of pressure as well to carry months and months of work which we have put into a garment," Tuibeqa said.

The man behind Kuiviti Collection said: "From a designer's perspective, we spend a lot of time putting the pieces together and we put a lot of trust in the models, knowing they will carry the designs on the runway in a very amazing way."

He said he was looking for specific characteristics at this year's show, adding that weight was never an issue for the organisation.

"I'm looking for individuals who have that high fashion look, a certain something unique to them.

"What makes a great model is their ability to carry on a persona, a certain quality to their walk, the unique way they look, the difference in the way they pose in a long dress or short dress, or a bikini for instance."

Models who wish to be part of the two shows should attend the casting on Saturday 3 March at 2pm at De Vos on the Park in Suva.

More information about the show can be found on

"Modelling takes absolute focus because apart from the fittings a few days before, you are actually seeing this garment for the first time and you are not there to put on a garment to grace the catwalk but rather to bring that garment to life in the vision of the designer."

Fiji Fashion Week will be held over two nights, Friday 25 and Saturday 26 May, at the FMF Gym in Laucala.

Tickets are on sale soon.