ACW by Anton Conway Wye

Anton's inspiration this year is architecture, lines and space. His designs are a fusion of modern and traditional silhouettes.
He is a self-taught designer who has built a strong clientele over the past 7 years.  This is Anton's 5th year showing at Fiji Fashion Week.  Anton Conway Wye won FJFW Established Designer of the Year in 2015.


Fiji Fashion Week 2016




Los Angeles Fashion Week 2015

Fiji Fashion Week 2015

E2 Anton Conway Wye and Alex Ligairi, Fiji Fashion Week 2014

Fiji Fashion Week 2013


Designer Kess Baleirara is a KPOP fan.  Her collection for FJFW18 is inspired by Korean fashion in the KPOP genre which she describes as stylish and sultry, yet modest.

Kess has released two capsule collections in the FJFW Student Show 2014 and 2015.


Fiji Fashion Week Student Show 2015

Aleir logo.JPG



Kess Baleirara.jpg

DESIGNER Kess Baleirara


Aqua Blu Australia

Established in 2000, Aqua Blu has been an Australian Swimwear icon for over a decade. Designed and styled in Australia with the world in mind, Aqua Blu dominates the beach and pool scene worldwide with stylish and sophisticated collections. Aqua Blu prides itself on the ability to produce lush fabrics with designs and prints that are signature to the label. The fashionable chic swim pieces Aqua Blu creates marks a bold departure from the formality of women’s swimwear in the early 2000’s. Chic, sensual and unmistakably Australian, Aqua Blu has established itself as a label that celebrates a softer aesthetic.

Inspired and empowered by strong, beautiful confident women all over the world, the designs are not just cutting edge but revolutionary. Aqua Blu draws inspiration from the sensuality and effortless beauty of the past, present and future and celebrates the notion of always feeling confident and looking as confident as you feel.

Style, modernity and a strong sense of femininity have been the key elements of Aqua Blu since its inception. Maintaining a quiet confidence in the Australian swimwear industry, Aqua Blu has grown and evolved under the keen eye of already-established designers to produce fresh and vibrant swimwear.

2015 marked the 15th Anniversary of Aqua Blu Swimwear. In the decade since it was founded, the Australian swimwear label has stayed true to the concept of stylish, feminine fashion. Today, Creative Director, Kristian Chase, brings his unique vision to the label to continue connecting with a new generation of stylish women.

Kristian Chase.jpg

DESIGNER Kristian Chase


Prof CHEN Bin

Professor CHEN Bin comes from Donghua University in Shanghai, China.  He is a member of the Chinese Fashion Association.  He works as a designer for many famous brands in China. 
Since 2014, he has presented his design concepts in American and Russian Universities. 
This time, he was invited and co-sponsored by Confucius Institute at The University of the South Pacific (CI-USP) to bring a collection of intangible cultural heritage
Chinese Fashion in to Fiji Fashion Week.

Professor CHEN Bin Logo 1.jpg
Prof CHEN Bin.jpg




Designer Laisiasa Davetawalu was the winner of the FJFW Student Designer of the Year in 2016, which was his second
year presenting capsule collections as a student designer.  Lai has since completed his Certificate III
and Certificate IV in Applied Fashion Technology. 


FJFW Student Designer Show 2016


DESIGNER Laisiasa Davetawalu



Samal Singh has been designing since 2009, specialising in women's evening wear and pageant gowns.  He has dressed Miss World Fiji 2013 (representative and contestants) and TV character 'Abha' from "Yaha Main Ghar Ghar Keli". 
In 2011, he won the FJFW11 Most Promising Designer of the Year award.  In 2016, Samal introduced his first menswear range under the label GUILTY and has been regularly releasing successful capsule collections under that label.


Fiji Fashion Week 2017


DESIGNER Samal Singh


Fiji Fashion Week 2016

Fiji Fashion Week 2015

Fiji Fashion Week 2014

Fiji Fashion Week, Echoes of the Pacific 2013

Fiji Fashion Week 2012

Fiji Fashion Week 2011

Hupfeld Hoerder Designs

Hupfeld Hoerder Designs is a glorious discovery of Rotuman-German heritage, masterfully created into gorgeous garments for men and women.  Each piece is individually hand-painted - a work of art in itself.


Fiji Fashion Week 2017

Hupfeld Hoerder.jpg

DESIGNER Hupfeld Hoerder


Fiji Fashion Week 2016

International Resort Wear Show 2015

Fiji Fashion Week 2015

International Resort Wear Show 2014

Fiji Fashion Week 2014

 Fiji Fashion Week 2013

 Fiji Fashion Week 2011

I.AM Design

Seci Burese started his I.AM Design label in 2016.  Building on his participation in the FJFW Student Designer Show, Seci will be showing a collection which consists of mixed ready to wear.  The collection will feature pattern clash and taking risks in fashion.


Guest Designers, FJFW Student Show, Fiji Fashion Week 2017

IAM Design logo.png

DESIGNER Seci Burese


Jadeine Whiteside Fiji

Jadeine Whiteside is the first Pacific Islands Fashion brand located in Shanghai, China.  Offering a select choice of designs
that have been inspired from the Pacific Islands and have been tailored onto quality garments for sale and distribution. 
All Jadeine's textiles are creatively thought out and are based on Pacific designs and motifs.


Fiji Fashion Week 2016

Jadeine W.jpg

DESIGNER Jadeine Whiteside



Jackie Whippy has decided it's time to fill the gap of making big women feel sexy! 
The debut collection from Jacque will focus on shirt dresses for the classy, curvy lady.  


DESIGNER Jackie Whippy



Founded in 2016 by Robert Verebasaga, Kakali is a Fijian label where thoughtful, sustainable, and ethical design embraces
quality tailored womenswear and menswear.  With Robert's thorough technical understanding of the complexities surrounding fashion design and production, alongside the experience while studying fashion in Melbourne, Australia, Kakali offer a
unique, innovative and ethical signature style.

Kakali's muses are drawn from the unique surroundings in Fiji and the Oceania region which reflect the brand's core beliefs
and values of a comfortable and modern interpretation of culture, lifestyle and the natural environment.  The Kakali collection journey will maintain these core values as well as explore future collaboration far beyond Oceania.

Distinctive prints with innovative design, use of luxurious natural fabrics, a cool blend of colour, and quality craftsmanship create the signature trademark of the label and continue to reflect the diversity of the Kakali customer.

Synonymous with Robert's vision of a modern yet ageless aesthetic, Kakali envisages building a whole brand experience,
from a Kakali store to extensive product categories of accessories, footwear, eyewear and
collaborative collections alongside local artisans.


Fiji Fashion Week 2017


DESIGNER Robert Verebasaga


Letila Mitchell

Letila Mitchell.jpg

DESIGNER Letila Mitchell



Fiji-based designer, Michael Mausio, works towards bringing the rich cultural fusion of Pacific traditional and contemporary art and encapsulates the beauty of that is the Pacific through fashion.  Blending both Pacific prints with styles and trends of the day, to give each client a sense of uniqueness just like each Pacific Island.


Fiji Fashion Week 2015


DESIGNER Michael Mausio


Fiji Fashion Week 2014

Fiji Fashion Week 2013

Nicholas Huxley


DESIGNER Nicholas Huxley


Perfection House

Perfection House has a heritage of 146 years and is now in its sixth generation of leadership under Manpreet Singh.  It all started as a family run business by Manpreet's forefathers Makhan Singh and Nihal Singh in 1872.  The legacy was taken forward by his great grandfather Jai SIngh and his grandfather Diwan Singh and their children.  Until then, the business was running under their respective names.  In 1932 the brand name Perfection House was established.  Perfection House has evolved with the times by always keeping an eye on changing trends and discreetly following the taste of the loyal patrons, whereby from saree, suits and lehengas, they have broadened their collections to heavy beaded gowns and dresses too.

Manpreet Singh.jpg

DESIGNER Manpreet Singh


Proton Creation

Designer Frances Do'Oro has been sewing and designing as a hobby for the last three years.  Proton Creation concentrates on women's wear, weddings and customised designs.  The collections have traditionally been handprinted or screenprinted,
but the brand is making forays into digitalised prints which will launch late in 2018.


Fiji Fashion Week 2017


DESIGNER Frances Do'Oro



Designer Rafa Ganilau Lee is an emerging talent in the Fiji fashion industry.
He is the youngest designer to show on the runway at Fiji Fashion Week





DESIGNER Rafa Ganilau Lee



Rosaac was established by Rosie Isaac in 2013 with her first collection at Fiji Fashion Week.  Rosie has collaborated with local Fijian iconic label Mes Fidji in 2016, and designs custom bridal gowns.


Fiji Fashion Week 2016

Rosaac logo.JPG





DESIGNER Rosie Isaac


Fiji Fashion Week 2013

Robert Kennedy Design Fiji

Robert Kennedy has cemented his place as one of Fiji’s top designers, with a loyal clientele in his home market
as well as being represented in Fiji’s burgeoning fashion tourism sector.


HENIKAI COLLECTION Fiji Fashion Week 2017


DESIGNER Robert Kennedy


BARAVI COLLECTION Fiji Fashion Week 2016


KOROLEVU COLLECTION Fiji Fashion Week 2015

SALUSALU COLLECTION Fiji Fashion Week 2014

THE GRAND PACIFIC Fiji Fashion Week 2013


FIJI MARKET Fiji Fashion Week 2011

MARAKECH Fiji Fashion Week 2010

FIJI MARKET Fiji Fashion Week 2010


Seewaa Seth is a passionate supporter of working with tribal people to sell their products to the world.


Fiji Fashion Week 2016

Seewaa Seth.jpg

DESIGNER Seewaa Seth


Stylosophy Fiji Creations

Stylosophy Fiji we create custom made designs that never run out of fashion.  We are blessed to have our own list of clientele in Fijian communities around the globe.  Life as a designer for Ana Rabuka is an amazing challenge - in all aspects.  When you have the will and the drive to keep moving forward and make progress, then there's no reason for looking back.


Fiji Fashion Week 2016




International Resort Wear Show 2015

Fiji Fashion Week 2015

Fiji Fashion Week 2014

Fiji Fashion Week 2013

Fiji Fashion Week 2012

Fiji Fashion Week 2011

The Haus of Koila

The "Haus of Koila" is a Pacific Island Brand which promote's Authentic Indigenous Fijian Prints. They have taken Pacific Fashion to new heights, with their collection of Fijian Ethnic Fashion Trends.


Fiji Fashion Week 2017

Adi Koila.jpeg

DESIGNER Adi Koila Ganilau-Lee



My label Timbals is in honour of my family name and sharing my achievements with them. 
I'm inspired by Africa and my debut collection will be funky, colourful resort wear.

Alice Timbal.jpg

DESIGNER Alice Timbal



Waimailagi literally means droplets from heaven but for me it translates to mean ‘manna from heaven’, the blessings from our Heavenly Father in my life. It can be a slight drizzle or a heavy downpour, but whichever one it is, it brings a new life and nourishes the land.

My designs and prints are meant to bring a breath of fresh air in the men’s   fashion industry through simplicity and practicality. There are many ways to recreate Pacific men’s fashion without comprising its manly characteristic and this can be done through the use of  fabric and colour scheme to reflect a new genre of design appealing  to the young and old alike.
Waimailagi…. showcasing my God given talent and am forever grateful for the many blessings of my Heavenly Father.

Jofus Turaga.jpg

DESIGNER Jofus Turaga


8 Mountains

Brother Sister designer duo Moira Solvalu John and David Solvalu, are the driving force behind popular Fijian brand 8 Mountains Designer Clothes for Plus-Sized People.  But really, 8 Mountains is perfect on any body as they create, innovate and tell a story in each collection that speaks of fun, their roots and their love of design.


TROPIC GOLD Fiji Fashion Week 2017


DESIGNER Moira Solvalu


Fiji Fashion Week 2016

International Resort Wear Show Nadi 2015

Fiji Fashion Week 2015

International Resort Wear Show Nadi 2014

Fiji Fashion Week 2014

Fiji Fashion Week 2013