The Team at FJFW

We have a dedicated team of support staff working to assist you for the show.

Director - Fashion Coordination: Christine Evans

Designer Relations Manager - Anton Conway Wye

DRM Assist - Tepora Bola

DRM Assist - Seci Burese

We are all part of the Messenger 'Designers FJFW2018 chat group' where you can post general comments and enquiries about the show as well.

This team is part of our move towards a new style Fiji Fashion Week - for designers and by designers.  This year Fiji Fashion Week is partnering with the Fashion Designers Alliance Fiji to present FJFW18.

FJFW Collections Show

Fiji Fashion Week is a collections show.  We are at capacity with 15 designers in the Resort Cruise Show on Friday 25 May and 14 Designers in Resort Luxe on Saturday 26 May - and still more designers are asking to enter!  The Designer List for each show is below.  Please note that it is not presented in Show Order.

Designer List.jpg







FJFW models party
Friday 11 May, Onyx Platinum. Ticketed event, $20. Tickets from FJFWVIP

VIP, Designer and Sponsor Event
Monday 21 May, at a secret venue in Suva.  This is a collections preview for sponsors and VIP guests holding tickets for both shows.  Designers are requested to drop one garment and accessories from the collection, clearly labelled with your name, to 22 Statham Street Suva Point. FJFW will transport the garments to the venue.  Designers will be introduced at the venue.

Fashion Film Festival
Tuesday 22 May, Damodar Cinema, 6pm

International designer briefing
Thursday, Thursday 24 May FMF Gymnasium, 10am

Designer Press Conference
Thursday 24 May, FMF Gymnasium, 11am

Welcome Lunch
Thursday 24 May, French Ambassadors Residence, 12.30pm

Day of show
Arrival at 2pm.  Lock out is at 4pm - garments must be at the venue.

Local designers
Wednesday 23 May

International designers
Thursday 24 May, FMF Gymnasium

Kindly note: No fittings will be held at the venue on the day of your show.  You are able to arrange private fittings with your models if you prefer.  Please let Christine or Anton know if this is your preference.

Black and white head shot in high resolution, ASAP

Hero image (an image that we can use to promote your and your brand - it can be inspirational, a sketch etc, ASAP

Logo, ASAP

Music file, Monday 14 May

Designer Promotion

Social Media

All designers will be promoted across our social media channels - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr.  We are promoting designers alphabetically by brand name.  Members of the team or our PR team will contact you to ask for information that we will use to promote you and your collection.  We will tag you using the information provided on your registration form.

Traditional Media

A schedule has been established that matches our social media promotion. We will coordinate radio, TV appearances or newspaper interviews for you depending upon your preferences.  FJFW will endeavour to post all content onto our social media channels and tag you in.

Press releases will be despatched periodically to local and international press.


Each designer will have an online profile that will stay on the site for 12 months.  The profile will include the photo supplied, your logo and a link to your nominated social media.

Promoting your collection

We will do our best to make sure that everyone knows that you are in the show.  Please use the following FJFW hashtags to promote your participation on your own social media.

  • #FJFW18
  • #FJFWdesigner
  • #thefutureinfashion
  • #runwayready

When you talk about the show, we love to know - tag us IN!

Introducing our PR and Marketing Team

I would like to introduce you to Diana Goulding who is the FJFW Director of PR and Marketing.  Diana is familiar with designer promotion as she has assisted Fiji Fashion Week with PR activities for a number of years.  Outside this role, Diana owns and runs and successful PR company in New Zealand and has a long career in supporting the promotion of individual VIPs and celebrities as well as significant international events.  Diana is available on

Supporting the team is Onisimo Moi, Social Media and Marketing Assistant.  Moi is a day to day go to on all marketing activities and he will be in contact to schedule interviews and follow up stories.  Moi is contactable at


Show Order

Friday night

1  Robert Kennedy Designs Fiji
2  Turaga
3  Proton Creation
6  Guilty
7  Rosaac
8  Aleir
9  Seewaa
10 I.AM Design
11 Jacque
12 Mausio
13 Prof CHEN Bin
14 Nicholas Huxley
15 Aqua Blu Australia

Saturday night

1  Jadeine Whiteside Fiji
2  Elaradi
3  Letila Mitchell
4  Stylosophy Fiji Creations
5  Loloma X
6  Kakali
7  ACW by Anton Conway Wye
8  The Haus of Koila
9  Hupfeld Hoerder
10 Perfection House
11 South Sea Sinner
12 Tung Vu
13 8 Mountains

Show Bump In

Please arrive at the venue by 2pm with your collection clearly labelled with the name of the model or the look number.  If you have any changes to your walk order, please let you head dresser know.  Upon arrival, please proceed to the Back of House area which is located in the foyer of the Gymnasium - entry will be through the main venue.  

Each designer has been assigned a dressing team to assists with preparation of the collection.  You will meet your dressers at fittings and they will help you document the garment order for your showcase.


Fittings will be held at the FMF Gymnasium on Wednesday 23 and Thursday 24 May to the following schedule

Wednesday 23 May

I.AM Design


Proton Creation

Hupfeld Hoerder

2 - 3pm

3 - 4pm

4 - 5pm

5 - 6pm









Thursday 24 May

2 - 3pm

3 - 4pm

4 - 5pm

5 - 6pm

Jadeine Whiteside Fiji

Tung Vu


Aqua Blu Australia

Nicholas Huxley

Nicholas Huxley

Perfection House



Prof CHEN Bin





Hair and Makeup

As this is a collections show, hair and makeup looks are selected by Fiji Fashion Week and worn by all models.  The Hair and Makeup look will change by show night.  A full detail of the look will be provided soon.


Model lists will be finalised by 29 April and provided to you as soon as possible thereafter.  You will have one model per look in the size range specified on your registration form.  Please make your collection to standard size 10 if using size 8 - 10 models and size 14 if using size 12 - 14 models.  The fittings sessions should be used to ensure the garments are fitted correctly.

Number of Garments

It has been some time since the registration forms were submitted.  The minimum is 12 and all increments should be in even numbers to a maximum of 16 models (due to the new runway layout). Opening and closing designers do have longer collections and these designers have been confirmed.  Can you please let us know whether there has been any change to the number of garments that you are intending to show. 



  • Format: MP3 file.  
  • Intro: Music should include a 30 second intro.  Models are cued to walk at the 30 second mark


  • Format: JPG or other image file - not PDF.  Video is OK as long as your brand name appears within the first 30 seconds.


  • Production elements are due by Monday 14 May.  Kindly note that audio visual files will note be accepted after this date.  If files are not received, FJFW will provide a generic brand name production slide and provide music to our selection

Need help

  • We can help arrange graphic design and audio production services if required.  Please let us know.

Show Order

The Show Order has not been finalised as yet.  In order to do so, we need to see sketches and know show concepts to help place you into the right part of the show.  If you have not provided collection information, please do so by 29 April.


Show tickets are available to purchase by emailing or going to the Ticket Box Office at Shopaholic, Banaba House, Pratt Street or ROC at Dolphin Plaza.

Designer registration does not include FOC tickets.

Ticket prices are:

VIP (Red) $150 - guests purchasing VIP tickets for both nights will be included in the VIP Launch to be held at a secret location.

General Admission (Blue) $70 or (Yellow)$50

Stadium seating $5 (not shown on floor plan)

Floor plan 16.3.JPG

FJFW Venue

Fiji Fashion Week is being held at the FMF Gymnasium on Laucala Road.  The stadium has been recently refurbished and creates an impressively spacious venue with ample floorspace for our new look runway layout which accommodates over 500 guests - all with a front row seat.  We do still have a VIP ROW A which is where most of the action will be - first look at models coming from Back of House, Camera Pit at the head of this row, guaranteed VIP treatment from before arrival until departure.

Guests will be seated in a European style layout, sitting back to back and within close proximity to the models.

We also have stadium seating for up to 500 people as well - so everyone has a chance to see your amazing designs on the runway and experience a piece of Fiji Fashion Week.  The designers from the Student Show which is held during the day are being given complimentary tickets to return to watch the show on Saturday night only.  We are expecting a full house.


The FJFW18 runway spans a total length of 160 metres and is approximately 3 metre wide through Row A and 2 metres on all other rows.

All models will enter onto the runway one at a time to form a line between the entrance and the first seats.  Models will wait in position until their walk. All models will be on the runway at the same time.

Models will complete a finale walk through the Row A runway only.

Our models have been trained to walk at the required speed to match the choreography.  Please kindly refrain from asking your models to walk slowly for you.

back of house

Back of House will operate in a fan cooled environment with a labelled rack per designers or 2 if requested to accommodate large collections or voluminous garments.  Each dressing space will be provided with a table to hold accessories.

You are invited to bring two dressers, however, FJFW will have trained dressers working with you to prepare your collection for the runway as well as assisting during the show.  Our dressers are volunteers who have been trained by the Designer Relations Team.  If bringing your own dressers, please provide the names to by Friday 18 May.

There will be steamers and irons available for you to use before the show.

Kindly note: no fittings will occur before the show.  Designers must have their collections Back of House by 4pm - earlier if your garments need pressing. You are welcome to leave and return by 6pm.

on site

Hair and Makeup will be stationed near to Back of House.  Models will commence preparation at 1pm.

Our guests will commence arriving at 6pm and will be called to their seats at 7pm for speeches and the show start.

The show runs without any breaks and is likely to take approximately 1.2 hours. 

Following the runway, guests will leave the seating area to enjoy the after party with live bands and DJ.  There will be no on-site sales at this event.

Bar and catering is available to purchase.

This Front of House area will include a photowall for social snaps as well as a VIP lounge which is included in your registration.  This is the space to mingle with international guests, VIPs and our show sponsors.