Models Fiji is a modeling agency that is a subsidiary of Fashion Week Ltd.

It has been active from August 2009 and supplies professional models to corporate clients , fashion retailers, NGO’s, television and the media sector etc for promotional and marketing activities.

We represent highly motivated well groomed models who conduct themselves in a professional manner and in accordance with fashion, beauty and modeling standards. Our objective is to provide a unique and professional service to corporates for promotional and marketing activities.

What we look for
We are looking for people who are confident, have an attitude and command on stage presence. 
Applicants must have a serious interest in modelling, be between 16 to 21 years old and meet our minimum height requirement. Females 5'8"/173cm and Males 5'9"/180cm. 

If you meet the above requirements, complete our form and send that along with recent photographs (at least a headshot and a full size picture)

It is important to send photographs which are clear and which give us a good basis to asses your physical attributes.  Runway models must meet the minimum height requirement so this is why a full length picture which gives us an accurate account of your height is essential.

Contact us at 72 McGregor Road any week day after 2pm for model registration.You may also send us your photographs at

Attach your photo: